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The first anniversary!

A full year has passed since we uploaded the first binary release to the sourceforge file service. We have allocated most of our time since then to improve ViLE by changing and/or improving the parts that were flawed, but we have still managed to implement partial support for 12 new titles in addition to the three we already have officially support for, so we hope to report new releases more rapidly in the year to come. We also intend to continue to enhance and improve the core engine, we want all standard Visual Novel features such as automode and skipping read text to work consistently across titles, full UNICODE support, a hashbased translation interface, OSX build system and numerous other features in place before the next anniversary writeup.

Finally I would like to thank all the team members for their excellent work this year, as well as officially welcoming our newest member, Kile, who has already proven himself vital to the project.

OSX Beta testers wanted!

Kile has been working on OSX support lately, he has successfully compiled ViLE natively and is now preparing a cross-compiler so we can maintain a binary release directly from our Linux boxes. But we still need access to physical macs in order to test and verify our builds, so we now turn to the community for Mac owners with huge eroge collections and a desire to make OSX a first class citizen for visual novels. Read on and pass us an email if you are interested!

Ubuntu gains binary support

We think Ubuntu is the best open source desktop system around, much thanks to its superior package manager and incredible amount of software (Both stems from Debian, which was recently released on 52 (!!) CDs). Pretty much all development work has been performed in Ubuntu, including coding, memory debugging and even cross compiling windows releases. So we are very pleased to announce that the worlds Ubuntu users may now apt-get ViLE directly from our repositories at launchpad! Please read the Ubuntu instructions for further information on installing and using ViLE on Ubuntu Maverick and/or Lucid.

OSX support is dropped

Once upon a time we really wanted to bring Visual Novels to OSX, but we ended up despising Apple more and more as we struggled to make it happen. Want to compile code for our glorious platform? Thats just a quick $100 per year my friend! Need virtualization for efficient debugging and clean enviroment testing? Thats ten years of prison and 100 billion dollars in fines my sworn enemy!

Really?? $100 to access header files?? And who the heck does software development without using virtual boxes anymore? Being a niche-within-a-niche we would have to pay $50 per user of our own money just to access the headers, and we do not even want to think about what it would cost us to buy those overpriced designer-laptops for the team members.


Screenshots of the officially supported games.


Background information on ViLE and its creators.

ViLE gets a new face!

We got really tired of looking like a teenage fashion blog, so we decided to freeze all development efforts for a week while implementing drupal on sourceforges web hosting services. The old pivot blog was just a staffhold to help us scale up the real site at a minimal effort, and is being replaced with a redirection script as we speak.

We hope you like the new site, and would love to get some feedback and suggestions!

Contact us

Please use the forums or trackers for technical support and/or any other inqueries that may have public interest. This helps accumelating searchable information that is publically available for anyone who are interested in our stuff!

If you want to join the project or have some other matter that you would rather discuss privately you can send us a mail using team at vilevn dot org.

Thank you!


The frequently asked questions section aims to answer the most common questions about ViLE.


ViLE exists because of the incredible amount of high quality open source software that is available to us for free, we wish to dedicate this page to the groups and individuals that has been important to ViLE and encourage everyone to check these excellent sources -- anyone who feels let out should send us an email asap!

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