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Installing and using ViLE on Ubuntu Linux

Here is a simple description on how you can add the ViLE repositories to your apt sources and install it through the operating system. The advantage of this is that Ubuntu will make sure that you are always have the latest binaries available to you without the hazzle of compiling the source, any future bug fixes or features will be automatically updated along with the OS. This how-to will install the generic ViLE distribution, so it will work for all supported games.

Compiling for Linux

ViLE is an open source project at heart, so in an effort to make our technically minded users more comfortable with the build system, as well as helping users of non-supported systems compile a native version, we will document the build process for you. In this first article we will install the necessary software and compile ViLE using a stock Ubuntu 10.10 installation. Later we will follow up and show you how to install tool chains and use the build system to cross-compile native versions for Windows and OSX, so pay attention to these initial steps!

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