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Added format support for ViLE Ripper

We have added support for a few more formats in the ViLE Ripper resource extraction and decoder utility. We now support the newer GGP format found in Ikura GDL games as well as the PCK archive format found in the JAST USA Memorial Collection, new tarballs and windows installers are rolled out for your convenience at our download page.

Bugfix for the ViLE Ripper

We have finally gotten around to fix a couple of major bugs in our resource extraction tool, making it a less confusing for new users and more suitable for the kind of ripping that end-users typically perform.

Please check out the Ripper page for further information!

The ViLE Ripper

The ViLE ripper is actually the ViLE resource manager that has been recompiled with a GUI rather than the usual engine. This allows users to extract and decode game resources, thus accessing the game data without actually playing the game. The Ripper was originally developed to help developers benchmark and test various resource related tasks, but has evolved into a utility that is suitable for end-users who wants to, well, cheat.

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