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Ubuntu gains binary support

We think Ubuntu is the best open source desktop system around, much thanks to its superior package manager and incredible amount of software (Both stems from Debian, which was recently released on 52 (!!) CDs). Pretty much all development work has been performed in Ubuntu, including coding, memory debugging and even cross compiling windows releases. So we are very pleased to announce that the worlds Ubuntu users may now apt-get ViLE directly from our repositories at launchpad! Please read the Ubuntu instructions for further information on installing and using ViLE on Ubuntu Maverick and/or Lucid.

Installing and using ViLE on Ubuntu Linux

Here is a simple description on how you can add the ViLE repositories to your apt sources and install it through the operating system. The advantage of this is that Ubuntu will make sure that you are always have the latest binaries available to you without the hazzle of compiling the source, any future bug fixes or features will be automatically updated along with the OS. This how-to will install the generic ViLE distribution, so it will work for all supported games.

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