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OSX Beta testers wanted!

Kile has been working on OSX support lately, he has successfully compiled ViLE natively and is now preparing a cross-compiler so we can maintain a binary release directly from our Linux boxes. But we still need access to physical macs in order to test and verify our builds, so we now turn to the community for Mac owners with huge eroge collections and a desire to make OSX a first class citizen for visual novels. Read on and pass us an email if you are interested!

ViLE has been stable on Windows and Linux for some time now, so we do not expect too much problems with a mac port either, but there are always some differences when you try a complex piece of software on a new architecture, so we prefer people with some experience with the platform. The most important part of the job will be playing around with the games and identify problems so you do not have to be a developer, but we would appreciate any additional input you might have on OSX software distribution and integration.

We currently support Mayclub DX, Nocturnal Illusion Renewal and Dividead so it is beneficial if you can access one or more of these games. And if you want to stay with us for a little while, we will also need testers for several upcoming games (Crescendo, Sagara Family, Hitomi, Catgirl Alliance, Jast memorial collection, Yume Miru Kusuri, True love, etc).

If this sounds like it could be anything for you, please contact us at!