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The first anniversary!

A full year has passed since we uploaded the first binary release to the sourceforge file service. We have allocated most of our time since then to improve ViLE by changing and/or improving the parts that were flawed, but we have still managed to implement partial support for 12 new titles in addition to the three we already have officially support for, so we hope to report new releases more rapidly in the year to come. We also intend to continue to enhance and improve the core engine, we want all standard Visual Novel features such as automode and skipping read text to work consistently across titles, full UNICODE support, a hashbased translation interface, OSX build system and numerous other features in place before the next anniversary writeup.

Finally I would like to thank all the team members for their excellent work this year, as well as officially welcoming our newest member, Kile, who has already proven himself vital to the project.