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About ViLE

ViLE (VIsual Library Engine) is a portable, very flexible, high performance C++ game engine designed for visual novels. It is kind of a media player that is capable of decoding and assembling a variety of audio,video and images into games. Adventure game fans will recognise the concept from projects such as ScummVM, FreeSCI and Sarien among many others. ViLE is developed on Ubuntu Linux, and binary releases are tested on 32bit Windows XP and 64bit Windows 7 (Anything in between is expected to work!).

The ViLE project is completely non-profit, any ad revenue will be fed back into the project in the form of new hardware for porting efforts, and games in order to broaden our title support. Hosting services and project management facilities is graciously provided by

The ViLE Team

The ViLE team was founded by BaSF in June 2010, who wrote the foundation classes and recruited Fenris and Thordivel about a month later. We have worked together on several projects in the past, both professionally and on hobby projects such as ViLE, and has nearly 20 years of software experience between us.