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Bugfixes for Mayclub and Nocturnal Illusion

A recent bug-report on the forums made us aware that about 2/3 of the music tracks for Nocturnal Illusion was shuffled, making the game play erroneous tracks in many scenes. We also fixed a bug that made the game drop a few words whenever the textview overflowed. The 0.3 series is now at its end, and ViLE has seen tons of usability and bugfixes (Such as the fullscreen option not working) since Mayclub VR Dating DX was first released, so we figured we should roll out new binaries for that one as well.

The respective installers has been updated so new users should just proceed as normal, but returning users are adwised to download the precompiled binaries and simply unzip them into the game folder. Either way, you can grab your copy at our download page!