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ViLE exists because of the incredible amount of high quality open source software that is available to us for free, we wish to dedicate this page to the groups and individuals that has been important to ViLE and encourage everyone to check these excellent sources -- anyone who feels let out should send us an email asap!


BaSF   Project manager and lead developer  
Fenris   Developer and reluctant blogger  
Thordivel   Developer, hacker and detailist  
Kile   Build manager and bug squasher  

Special mentions

We want to thank dsp2003 and WKS for their insight regarding image decoding for Ikura GDL as well as for their excellent AE toolkit. Interested parties may consult doxygen or source code comments for details.


IDA PRO disassembler and decompiler
Valgrind memory tracker/debug tool
LeakTracer memory profiling utility
Electric Fence memory debugger for Linux
AnimED visual novel toolkit


Simple Directmedia Layer (SDL) cross platform multimedia library
SDL_ttf and FreeType font rendering
SDL_gfx graphics primitives
SDL_image, JPEG and FFMPEG Audio/video decoding
Fluidsynth MIDI playback functionality
SDL_mixer audio mixer and decoders
wxWidgets cross platform GUI library