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See our about page for information on the engine or its creators.

What are the system requirements?

ViLE binaries are tested on 32bit Windows XP and 64bit Windows 7, and it is believed to work on anything in between. We also maintain binary packages for Ubuntu Linux, and hope to get source code to support OSX and FreeBSD in the near future.

As for hardware requirements the answer would depend on the game you are playing, complex systems such IkuraGDL (Crescendo, Sagara family) hogs quite a bit of RAM, whereas simpler engines such as Windy (Nocturnal Illusions, Mayclub) should run fine on a pocket calculator. The ability to play the games on a cheap duo2 laptop without making the fans go berserk has been a design specification from day one, so you can generally expect less toll on the cpu than when playing the original games.

Why is the download so big?

ViLE itself is just around 700-800 kb. The two main reasons for the bloat is the soundfont (Needed for MIDI) and all the dlls that is linked into the exe. We will slim down future versions by removing support for things we do not need, such as the larger part of around 5 mb audio/video decoders, but at the current stage we find it convenient to not care about a/v formats whatsoever.

Do you have a roadmap?

Yes we do! A flexible one!

When will XXX be completed?

If you are referring to a hybrid title with that has been tagged with "partial patch" on or simular, then the simple answer would be never. "Partial" in this context means that the game does not feature all the bonus content available in the Japanese remake, but the ViLE team does not do translations and is unlikely to gain such skills any time soon. Please see the introduction to hybrid titles for further information on how these releases work.

What is "git"?

That is the version control system we use; Basically it is a database that tracks and monitors any changes to the ViLE source code. Any references "the git" or "the git version" indicates a feature that has been recently added to the source code, meaning that they are not currently available for binary download unless you download the source code and compile from scratch.

Is ViLE legal?

Yes, ViLE does not contain any kind of copyrighted material or artwork (Including so-called derived works such as translated text). But please note that some countries might have additional codes to restrict reverse engineering of software products, so please double check your local laws.

You might also want to check GPLv3 for any license restrictions.

I need help!

Please use the forums for any questions of public interest (the help forum is open for anonymous participation). See contact information for private inqueries.

What licence do you use?

ViLE is released under GPL v3, which is an excellent choice for end-users as it basically grants free pass to do whatever you want. But developers seeking to use ViLE, or parts of it, in their own products are required to publish their own source code under the same license as stated in GPL.

If you want ViLE in your project, but do not want to comply to this license, please send us an email and we will work something out. Please note that we can not exempt you from the LGPL and BSD licenses of the libraries that ViLE links to for external features, nor do we own, or have any affiliations, to the supported games and their creators -- Game resource data and licences must be acquired elsewhere.

Why are your FAQ so short?

Because we are a young project that hasnt received a lot of questions yet. But we will update it whenever we detect a common problem among our users, and you are encouraged to use our forums if you want to speed up this process :)