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How to install Nocturnal Illusion Renewal

Here is a guide for Windows users who whishes to install Nocturnal Illusion Renewal in english manually. Most users should use the installer, but you might want to go the manual route if the installer fails or simular. Feel free to ask around on the ViLE support forums if you run into any problems along the way, it is open for anonymous participation and the developers will be happy to help!

Deciding a installation path

You should start by creating a new folder to install your game to, you can name it anything you want and place it anywhere you want to, we will simply refer to it as the target folder (See the final section for an example of the final product) -- The mission ahead is to gather all the necessary resources and the ViLE binaries to the this folder.

Install original English version

Insert the English Nocturnal Illusion CD into your drive, start the installer and follow the onscreen instructions, remember to take note of the installation path as you will need it later! If you are using an older version than the Milky House Memorial Collection you should consider applying the censorship patch to enable all the graphic images (The collection that was released in 2002 and to slipstreamed the patch). Once the installation finishes, open the newly installed folder and verify the precense of MUG0.DAT and MUG0.LST as shown in the image below(The extensions might not show, depending on your configuration) before copying all the files to your target folder.

Update: Some of our users seems to be having problems installing the old version of the game; ViLE does not really care about installing the game, that was just an easy way to decompress the more recent collection version. Just copy the contents of the Muge folder to the target folder and ViLE will be happy!

Install Japanese remake version

Insert the first CD of the Japanese remake into your drive, but quit the installer when it starts. Open the CD in an explorer window as shown below, verify the existence of GRP and copy everything (You dont really need the directx folder) to your target folder (If you are using a download edition you can install the game and copy the installed files instead!).

Install ViLE

Once the resources is in the target folder you are ready to stir ViLE into the mixture. Download the latest set of precompiled binaries for Nocturnal Illusion from our download page and unzip the contents directly into the target folder. You should now have a target folder with a lot of files from both games as well as the ViLE binaries all-in-one: