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Installing and using ViLE on Ubuntu Linux

Here is a simple description on how you can add the ViLE repositories to your apt sources and install it through the operating system. The advantage of this is that Ubuntu will make sure that you are always have the latest binaries available to you without the hazzle of compiling the source, any future bug fixes or features will be automatically updated along with the OS. This how-to will install the generic ViLE distribution, so it will work for all supported games.

Supported versions

ViLE will maintain support for both stable (Currently maverick) and lts (lucid) versions of Ubuntu. The Ubuntu binaries will be the generic ViLE distribution that supports all game titles supported by ViLE, at the expense of a slightly bigger footprint.

Installing ViLE

First you have to add the ViLE repository to your apt configuration, to do this you must open a terminal and type the following:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:vilevn/stable

You may now install ViLE:

sudo apt-get install vilevn

You can optionally install the resource extraction tool:

sudo apt-get install ripper

If you encounter any problems you might want to read up on installing software from a PPA, you can find additional technical data on our Launchpad page.

Installing game resources

First you have to gather the game resources, so head over to the documentation overview and find the windows installation instructions for the game you are interested in. Gather the the required resources as described and optionally copy the "target folder" to a shared path

sudo mkdir -p /usr/share/games/mayclub
sudo cp targetfolder/* /usr/share/games/mayclub -R

Starting a game

You can load any supported title by passing the path to ViLE from a terminal (Or a desktop shortcut!)

vilevn --game /usr/share/games/mayclub/

Savegames and other ViLE related data is user-specific and can be found in ~/.vilevn.

Update:Application name has changed to avoid conflict from similarly named software