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Mayclub VR Dating DX

The year is 2023, and you play the role of Hajime Kudo, a young man who has just finished his studies at Jiyugaoka University. Hajime is enjoying some downtime after graduation before he is scheduled to start his training with a CAT company and enter the corporate world as a "wage-slave". One February afternoon you receive a flyer advertising a Virtual Reality Dating Simulator called May Club, apparently the most advanced human interface unit of this type to be developed. In May Club, you can supposedly act out any desire you wish with other May Club users, a world where "virtually" anything is possible and physically represented, and inhibitions are forgotten. Naturally, you're intrigued, and make it a point to spend your vacation time at May Club hoping to meet the woman of your dreams before starting your new life.

Original game

Mayclub VR Dating was first released in English back in 1997, but it was designed for Windows 3.11 and has performed increasingly poorly on 32bit computers. Apricot mended this for their home market by releasing a remake with the DX suffix in 2001, that sported higher resolution graphics, full audio music, voice support for the female characters, improved ui and an additional character to beat. But unfortunatly, this was never translated to english, so the english-speaking community has been left with their 8bit color version.

Screenshots from the original game

ViLE version

ViLE debuted with the Mayclub hybrid title and brought DX to the english speaking crowds late 2010. ViLE uses the old english scripts (All versions supported) to run the game and display english text, but uses music, images and voices from the Japanese remake. So to play the game you will need both the original English game and the Japanese remake (The additional character and new storyline has never been translated so they are disabled). The media can be assembled manually as shown in these instructions or installed automatically by the designated installer (Windows only) from our download page.

Screenshots from ViLE

Other information

The english distributors censored some scenes that deals with loli content in the english version. A patch that reinstates these scenes in an untranslated form to unlock the related images exists, but this hack is very buggy and will not be supported by ViLE unless someone decides to translate them and hack them properly. We recommend extracting the CG set with the ViLE Ripper if it is very important for you to see these images.

ViLE does not support savegames from either of the original games, but the old English walkthroughs will still be valid.


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