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Nocturnal Illusion Renewal

Shinichi Kashiwagi is lost. Dissatisfied with the direction his life is talking, he heads up to the mountains to find himself. Towards the end of his vacation he's made little progress but gets caught in a storm. In the chaos of the weather he falls down a steep incline and loses consciousness...

When he awakes he's in a fine mansion. Many other people are living there, but no one can seem to answer questions about the place. Shinichi tries to leave, but the gates won't open. The mansion holds everyone captive and the others have given up; they are resigned to staying at the mansion for eternity. Does Shinichi have the strength to escape the mansion, or will he fade away like the others?

Original game

Nocturnal Illusion was originally shipped for Windows in 1995 and subsequently translated to English and released for an international audience two years later. Just like Mayclub VR Dating released by the same company, it was designed for the already dead Win3.11 platform and performed increasingly poorly on modern 32bit systems as time went by, but while English speaking users were busy discussing how to make it run on recent hardware, Japanese fans could enjoy their 1998 remake with higher def graphics, full voice over and additional story elements.

Screenshots from the original Nocturnal Illusion

ViLE version

ViLE enabled support for Nocturnal Illusion early 2011, making it the second exclusive title for the engine. ViLE uses the old english scripts (All versions supported) to run the game and display english text, but uses music and images from the Japanese remake (A future version of ViLE will also support voices and SFX from the remake, but we are currently too understaffed!). Please note that ViLE does not contain any copyrighted data. To play the game you need both the original English game and the Japanese remake to provide ViLE with the necessary resources. These media can be assembled manually by these instructions or installed automatically by the designated installer from our download page.

Screenshots from the remake running on ViLE

Other information

The original English release was censored to avoid legal issues, but the censorship was poorly implemented and introduced some annoying bugs. A fanmade patch (Coincidently written by our current project leader!) fixed these issues, and this patch was later slipstreamed into the main game for the "Milky House Memorial Collection" release. This means that most of you will not have to worry about patching your game at all, others are recommended to download the patch and install it in the English installation before loading the game. ViLE is a generic interpreter and work with whatever version it is given, but the patched scripts will be prioritised if available as they are considered more complete.


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