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ViLE 0.4.8 released!

We have finally started rolling out ViLE 0.4, the first version of the engine to be a standalone generic product. This version is a complete overhaul of the core components of ViLE, we have included ffmpeg and fluidsynth for broad format support and increased stability, stripped down the resource system and optimized it for a smaller memory footprint and faster execution, fixed numerous bugs and implemented loads of new features. We have also added full support for Dividead, and have several other titles waiting in the pipeline.

Versions and usage

The currently recommended way of using ViLE is as a drop-in replacement of the original executable, this version will be referred to as "generic" as it works for all supported games by automatically detect the game title and running it at boot. We will still supply dedicated installers for Mayclub DX and Nocturnal Illusion Renewal, but the only difference is the installer which automatically assembles the necessary resources for you (Oh! And the icon!).

Commandline interface

Please note that we have now exposed several of the built-in features of ViLE through the commandline interface. You can now make ViLE run at an arbitrary resolution, override font size, directly access internal features such as resource ripping and format decoding, or set advanced parameters such as audio framerate and buffer size.

Please use vilevn --help for further details

(Windows version will send the output to stdout.txt)