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ViLE hybrid titles

ViLE is a virtual machine for playing visual novels, sort of an Sarien or ScummVM equivalent if you like, allowing you to play the games on new and exciting platforms. But the language barrier between Japanese games and English gamers has given ViLE a competative edge beyond the portability of its brethren; It can mix and match old English scripts with updated graphics and audio from Japanese remakes to make its own exclusive hybrid titles!

The difference

Lets take a look at an older title as an example; VR Mayclub was already an outdated windows 3.11 application when it was released back in 1997, it still executes on windows, but it is clearly a very dated game with low resolution, 8-bit color and midi music that is unlikely to attract new gamers. But Japanese gamers was blessed with a remake just four years after the English release, instead of ripping their hair out trying to make the games run at all, they could enjoy a fresh new version with high(er) resolution graphics, voiced dialogue for female characters, a new sound track as well as a new bonus route existed.

There are many such examples, but the massive language barrier pretty much renders the Japanese versions useless to English speaking users. This is where ViLE comes to play, it can read and execute the old english scripts while decoding and displaying the non-text resources from the remake with dramatic results -- The screenshots below has been cropped at 1:1 resolution to show the graphical difference between the two versions of the same game.

The advantages

In addition to providing a superior experience in terms of higher resolution graphics, better music and voice support for your old classics, the ViLE project intend to deploy a wide range of ports after we grow stronger title support. We already have full support for both Windows and Linux, as well as tentative support for FreeBSD and Mac OSX, but we hope to serve you your favourite games on gadgets such as Nintendo DS/Wii, PSP and XBox as we mature (And get cash for buying the hardware!).

We also hope that exclusive titles will attract attention and interest to the project, help it grow and possibly even attract new gamers from the open source community who already nurtures a general fondness of traditional adventure games, another slow-paced and heavily story-based genre of games.

The caveat

You will still be running the English scripts, meaning that you cannot access any bonus scenes or new content in general. ViLE can use the Japanese scripts in tandem to implement fake voice support, but untranslated bonus scenes will be lost (Unless someone decides to translate them -- We will gladly assist in any technical issues!). You will also have to buy two games, although you will only be able to play one.

Another problem with these titles is that they are out of print and hard to obtain legally, but you might try ebay or simular used items market or auctions.

Currently supported hybrid titles

Mayclub VR Dating DX
Nocturnal Illusion Renewal