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The ViLE Ripper

The ViLE ripper is actually the ViLE resource manager that has been recompiled with a GUI rather than the usual engine. This allows users to extract and decode game resources, thus accessing the game data without actually playing the game. The Ripper was originally developed to help developers benchmark and test various resource related tasks, but has evolved into a utility that is suitable for end-users who wants to, well, cheat.

Format support

The ripper primarilly supports the formats that are needed for the games we are currently working on. This includes System21 (PAK and BET formats), Ikura GDL (GGD, GGP,GGA formats), Crowd (CWP,CWM) and JAST USA Memorial Collection (PCK Archives), but support will grow a lot stronger in the time to come (i.e. as we need more formats for ViLE itself), so make sure you check back with us later if you need anything!


Linux and OSX users have to compile the ripper from source, but we support a binary distribution for windows users. This makes installing the ripper is very easy, just grab the installer from our download page, install the application and run it from the start menu.


When you start the ViLE Ripper and you will be asked to pick an input file. The input file can be a single resource such as a picture or sound clip (this includes generic formats such as bmp, mp3 and png) or any known game archives (See format support section for details) and you will get the main interface with a list of available resources like this:

You can now double click resources to have a quick view, and optionally save or export them to disk. You can alternatively click the "Extract all" button to open the extraction dialog as shown below. Here you can choose wether to decode the resources or to dump them to disk in their raw form.

There are more features available in the menues, and more are being added continously so we encourage you to play around with it. If you get stumped or have any questions we would be happy to help you out in the forums (Incidently, we would be even happier if you just sent a message telling us that everything went without a hitch, the product was perfect, and to go take a well deserved beer!)